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Practical Problem Solving for Administrative Professionals

Januarie Wood is a owner of UltraLifeSolutions, LLC. She is having twenty years speaking experience.She trains and mentors individuals to live and operate from a higher place, and speaks in public seminars and within corporations and organizations throughout the United States and Canada. Seminars and workshops are on the topics of intentional engagement, intuitive intelligence, advanced stress release techniques, and other communication topics. Featured in several publications including local business journals, 417 magazine, Today's Woman magazine, and on news programs on ABC, NBC, FOX, and CB........

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The seminar is designed for the executive assistant or Administrative Assistant to manage all areas of their job in order to become more confident, effective and indispensable to his or her boss.This live webinar is intended to empower attendees with strategies and tools for solving problems common to administrative professions. Attendees will learn techniques that can be applied within any work scenario, language for problem solving and creating win/win solutions.They will discover new ways of communicating with co-workers and customers that focus on solution. They will learn ways to become more proactive, addressing issues and problems before they happen so as to be more prepared and in control. They will discover when and how (and when NOT) to go to the boss with issues and how to present problem-solving ideas.Attendees will come away with techniques to achieve more control of their day and get more time for their priorities. They'll earn assertiveness skills and how and when to say NO. They will learn how to influence those around them including the boss. Attendees will be able to feel more equipped with usable techniques to handle the challenges that their position encompass.

Why should you attend?

In today's fast-paced work environment it is imperative that administrators them assistance take control of their role completely and become more responsible and proactive.This session will cover all the aspects of making oneself as indispensable as possible including assertive communication, how to manage your day for maximum efficiency, how to lessen interruptions, how to proactively search out possible issues before you are blindsided by them, and how to free up more of your bosses time, and how to take complete control of your position and your duties.

Areas Covered in the Session:

Self-Management: Making sure you're not the problem
  • Managing your stress and emotion
  • Using assertiveness skills
  • Adopt problem-solving language
Pro-Active Problem Solving
  • Knowing when to take action
  • Tips for getting control of your day and your priorities
  • Training your boss and coworkers and influencing others to action
Common Problems Admins Face
  • Going to the boss with issues and ideas
  • Dealing with confrontational co-workers and customers
  • Mastering the art of saying "no"

Who can Benefit:

  • Any Support Staff,
  • Executive Associates
  • Administrative Associates
Webinar Id: ISSJW002

Duration: 60 mins

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