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A New Approach to Employee Engagement and Retention: Releasing the Corporate Intra-preneur

Angela Heath is a nationally-recognized, award-winning businesswoman, author and lecturer. Ms. Heath is the Founder of two businesses Heath & Company, a consulting firm that provided content creation services, program development, focus group research, and leadership development training and TKC Incorporated, an idea studio that guides individuals and companies to leverage the growing gig economy. Ms. Heath has appeared as an expert on numerous national and local TV and radio programs. She is the author of four books as well as dozens of manuals and booklets in different genres including Thi........

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The typical workplace is suffering. Baby boomers are leaving. Gen X employees are unengaged. Millennials are unhappy. And, 75% of Gen Zers have left a job for mental health reasons. Managers can address many common concerns across the generations in the workplace by restructuring their approach to employee mentoring, autonomy, flexibility and innovation through an intrapreneurship mindset and culture.

Why should you attend?

Large corporations like 3M, Google, and Facebook all share a secret weapon.  They built into their culture a sense of experimentation and innovation that allows employees to create and discover the "next" iteration in the company's growth and course correct when necessary. Fostering intrapreneur talent is critical in this rapidly expanding global marketplace. Workers are looking for meaning, challenge and personal fulfillment. Intrapreneurship provides these desires.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • The business case for adopting an intrapreneurial mindset
  • How to shift your company culture to employee sense of ownership 
  • Assess your existing processes and practices that hinder innovation
  • Five foundations of an intrapreneurial corporation
  • Create an exploration plan for adopting intrapreneurial practices in your corporation

Who can Benefit:

This program is for human resources professionals, learning professionals, talent managers, leadership development experts, and line managers who want structure an environment where their staff is thriving, surpassing metrics and eager to come to work in the morning. If you are interested in making sure your organization's culture fosters innovation, then this program is for you. Learn how to create a thriving organizational climate designed to release the talents and energy of your vital team members.
Webinar Id: ISAH001

Duration: 60 mins

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