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Things Assistants Do That Executives Appreciate

Jim Cathcart one of the world's leading professional speakers. He's also the man who popularized the concept of "Relationship Selling". In fact, he wrote the first and the most successful book on the subject. Relationship Selling, originally written in 1985, has been audio recorded, video recorded, rewritten, translated, and published around the world. Thousands of organizations have used it as the basis of their business training. Its concept is simple yet profound, "Relationships should be treated as Assets!" This causes many business practices to be improved so that connections are strength........

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"What are you paid to do?" is a question that we all get from time to time. Most people answer it by describing the functions they perform. But the job is much greater and more important than that. Here's a description of what executives from hundreds of industries and professions around the world have shown that they want and appreciate. 

Why should you attend?

Instead of just doing what you were assigned to do, this webinar will help you see why it matters and how to do it even better. The more proactive and effective you become the more your employers will value you? and probably the more they will pay you!
  • Things Assistant Do That Executives Appreciate. 
    1. Be proactive, think like a leader or owner, focus on outcomes, streamline the processes, anticipate needs. 
    2. Let leaders do leadership work instead of process work or ?committee work?. Consider the situation your leader is in and adapt to it.
    3. Learn how to communicate quickly and efficiently when there?s no time for discussion.
  • Managing Stress as an Executive Assistant: Getting Out Of Overwhelm
    1. The four types of Stressors: Situational, Relationship, Attitudinal and Physical. Understand the difference between Tension and Stress. 
    2. See how misalignment can be a major contributor to stress and how to handle it. 
  • Executive Assistants - Unnecessary Luxury Or Integral Part Of The Organization? It's up to you!
    1. What are you really paid to do? What's the value you bring to the organization? Make the successful outcomes more likely and less costly. 
  • Partnering With Your Boss: Strategic Skills For Administrative Professionals. 
    1. Learn the 3 essentials for a productive relationship. Discover the Inner Circle of your department or job. Evaluate the quality and capacity of your Success Team. 

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • How to Think like an Executive?
  • What they say vs what they really want? same or different?
  • How to anticipate the needs of the person you support?
  • Managing Stress as an Executive Assistant: Getting Out Of Overwhelm
  • How to read a person's work patterns and preferred style?
  • Learn how they want information and when?
  • Read the personality patterns that show you when to speak more and when not to.
  • Handling difficult "customers" and callers.
  • Taking time to make sure you are taking care of You.

Who can Benefit:

Industry: Applies across all industries and professions

Role/Designation: Executive Assistants, Secretaries, Administrative Assistants, Supervisory Personnel and first level managers.

Webinar Id: ISJC001O

Duration: 90 mins

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