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Half Day Boot Camp on Employee Retention

Bruce Lee is an international event speaker, who brings practical business leadership, training and management experience gained in a good cross section of industries: Charter Bank branch management and Alberta Manager for the VISA credit card Division of a Canadian Bank, Senior marketing representative for a fully integrated Canadian oil and gas company, Senior executive recruiter, establishing a consultant/referral partner office in England. Owning and managing a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year retail convenience store and gas bar business. Marketing / Director of Service Development for a........

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To become an employer of choice, employee engagement is not an option for your company. With 50% of employees not satisfied with their work at the end of the week, only 30% of employees considering themselves fully engaged, and service expectations continually going up, an empowered workforce may very well make the difference between you being a profitable, well thought of company, organization or association - or not. As it is the frontline employee who has the most contact with the customer/client/patient/resident and prospect, it is their interaction with them that provides that successful, meaningful relationship with an anticipated return visit or referral. 

Today's busy organizations needs to develop their people talent faster than ever before as well trained, engaged employees, new supervisors and effective leaders are in short supply. The current and future labor shortage will continue to drag down organizations growth, performance and profitability.

This workshop will show you what great managers know that average managers do not when it comes to employee training, retention and motivation. Inspired leadership is the key to stimulate, grow and champion your people.

When you implement a solid training and development infrastructure, which includes industry best practices honing all the important soft skills, you can drive productivity up by up to 40%, at very little cost in actual dollars and cents. This session shows you how to fast track the development of all employees, with the immediate skills they need to support engagement, accountability and productivity at every level. This will create a culture of inspired leadership that engages for peak performance.

This is all delivered in 8 modules called: OUTCOMES:
O Optimistic - a commitment to be the best at all times
U Urgency / Time Management - a continual focus on the action steps and priorities to get things done 
T Trust - the driver to engagement and eliminating conflict, gossip and harassment
C Coaching People - getting people to stretch to new results 
O Organized Goals - targeting the results you want 
M Mastery of what you do - continuing to raise the bar 
E Execution by excellence - effectiveness in performance of activities
S SAM - utilizing the soft skills that engage and everybody expects 

= SUCCESSFUL OUTCOMES - the ultimate destination of your leadership

Why should you attend?

When you know what dissatisfies employees, and what sets exceptional leaders apart from others when it comes to creating a culture that fully engages employees regardless of their role. A passion for what they do, is the starting point. Learn just how important the soft skills of recognition, appreciation and setting high expectations are in getting employees fully engaged.

This workshop maps out the strategies that you can start using immediately to turn even the newest, most inexperienced employees into effective leaders. You will be able to promote employees into new roles with the confidence that they will take charge and drive up the results you need with their direct report and their key numbers. The right attitude and an effective motivation skill set will shorten the learning curve that generates the know-how to drive engagement, creativity, empowerment, accountability and productivity.

Areas Covered in the Session:

This is all about: Ownership + Accountability + Engagement: You Will Learn:

  • The top career building talents behind authentic leadership and how to adopt them to drive the success of your new supervisors.
  • How to identify the strategies needed to become an employer and provider of choice by the 3 cornerstones of a culture of engagement.
  • Understand why people leave bosses and the high cost you pay with staff turnover.
  • Identify the problem of toxic bosses and their impact on retention.
  • Adopt the top 6 leadership skills necessary to inspire and motivate everyone.
  • How to fully engage everyone and what really motives them.
  • Identify the five levels of engagement and find out where your employees stack up to the rankings.
  • Ask the '5 Question Survey' that identifies the holes in your leadership team
  • The 4 Imperative to K.E.E.P. your employees and grow their capabilities
  • See how to change the current culture challenges to a desired culture of growth
  • Identify the 3 courses you need to have a good working knowledge of
  • Learn how to fully empower people with the attributes of acknowledgement, appreciation and recognition that has the biggest impact on performance called: S.A.M.
  • Adopt the success of M.B.W.A. with people
  • Discover the "Greatest Management Principle in The World" - why recognition is so important to people today
  • Adopt a theme of "We are the customer experience."
Bonus (Self-Assessments)

  1. We will explore the four measurement tools that drive up employee engagement, loyalty and retention.
  2. Rating your Soft Skills Leadership Attributes (employee loyalty focus)
  3. Confidential Leadership Empowerment survey (employee retention focus)
  4. Coaching Skills (employee development focus)
  5. My L.I.S.T. - how to fully understand what engages & motivates employees on and off the job!

Bonus (Resource Article)

Lists on Personal Success and Productivity

  1. Directional Strategies: Action = Momentum and Legacy
  2. Question Your Results: Measurement of Success Steps
  3. Prime Time Questions: Getting More Done in a Day
  4. Making Today Work For You: Attitude and Excellence
  5. How to Empower People: Bringing Out the Best- Empowerment
Bonus (Self-Assessments)

  1. Recommended Reading
  2. Copy of Bruce Lee e-book: Why Trust Me? - Making Trust Your Competitive Edge

    Who can Benefit:

    The Short and Long Term Objectives of this Workshop:

    • Create real empowerment for everyone through same day usable skills 
    • Create a desire for continued professional growth by and for your talent
    • Learn how to dramatically improve the strong sense of teamwork and relationships between everyone
    • Adopt skills that will bring out and enhance everyone's talents and strengths
    • Support a plan for you that will encourage each person to be more pro-active to solving problems and/or improving procedures and / or systems.


    This is perfect for almost any industry that has a need to develop its people and grow their skills, along with strategies for engagement, retention and real motivation.


    This workshop is designed for new to mid-level executives, supervisors, managers, who are looking for new leadership and development skills to lead and motivate others. It will be especially helpful for those who are on track for a new leadership role or are preparing to assume a challenging new leadership function.

    Webinar Id: ISBL002

    Duration: 360 mins

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