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Transforming Anger and Conflict into Collaborative Problem Solving: The Stress Doc's Four Faces of Anger - Model & Method

Mark Gorkin, MSW, LICSW, "The Stress Doc", a nationally acclaimed speaker, writer, and "Psychohumorist", is a former psychotherapist and Stress Violence Prevention Consultant for the U.S. Postal Service. The Doc is a Trauma Debriefing and Critical Incident Consultant for variety of organizations, including the national post-earthquake, Nepali Behavioral Health & Wellness Initiative. He has led numerous transformative -- silo-breaking and communications bridge-building -- Pre-Deployment Stress Resilience-Humor-Team Building Retreats for US Army Senior Officers and Sergeants. From a Ft. Hood Bri........

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Today's always on,TNT- Time-Numbers-Techno-Transition - Driven & Distracted World can breed tension and conflict. Challenge the notion that all anger is destructive. Discover the Four Angry ?I?s and the Stress Doc?s "Four Faces of Anger"Model for transforming anger, rage, and conflict. Learn and practice skills and strategies for: disarming power struggles by asking trust-and disarming all kinds of hostile feedback, even how to deal constructively with a critical aggressor. Understand the difference between "acknowledgement" and "agreement" and lyrically disarm or emotionally detach from "Yes, butters" and self-centered types. Learn how to appropriately and strategically use humor to disarm pressure packed situations.

Why should you attend?

how this can add value to the work style.
As anger and conflict are inevitable parts of human interaction, learning how to express angry feeling constructively - whether purposefully or spontaneously -is a critical part of emotional and team intelligence and directly impacts morale and the bottom-line!

Areas Covered in the Session:

Topics which will be covered in the session
  • Grasp the dynamics that trigger anger and how anger can be constructive or destructive depending on our awareness of our thoughts and feelings and our ability to express this emotional intensity
  • Discover the Stress Doc?s "Four Faces of Anger Model": whether anger is constructive or destructive, purposeful or spontaneous
  • Take an Assertiveness Assessment Test; identify your assertive "hot spots"
  • Engage in mind exercises that provide tools for disarming negative power struggles; understand the array of emotional responses or reactions to feedback
  • Understand the constructive-destructive difference between assertive ?I? and blaming "you" messages; practice constructively responding to "You" messages.
  • Recognize attributional bias and discover an IDEAL Model for disarming conflict; learn to use healing humor.

Who can Benefit:

All industries, companies, organizations; all levels of employees and management.
Webinar Id: ISFMG004

Duration: 60 mins

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