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End the Tyranny of the To-Do List

Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D. is the President of Advantage Leadership, Inc., works with leaders around the world who want to increase bottom-line results while engaging employees and delighting customers. Organization benefits from my expertise in strategic leadership, planning, & culture change as a manager and leader in the public, private, & non-profit sectors. As a consultant, with clients around the world, she works with you to increase your bottom-line results through engaged employees & delighted customers. We craft customized solutions to the organization's complex business issues. ........

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We all do it. We jot down a To-Do List sometimes at the beginning of the day, then check off the items as we do them. This is convenient and universal?And it's the worst way to plan and get things done! Heresy? Yes. Wrong? No. To-Do Lists are tactical, arbitrary, and miss some important strategic initiatives. Learn to transform your To-Do........

Why should you attend?

As a result of this webinar, you will be able to:
  • Spend your time on only the most important tasks
  • Give up firefighting, trivia, and time wasters
  • Approach all your assignments strategically to accomplish more
  • Achieve the goals your management deems critical
  • Continuously improve your results and ability to get results.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Fail to Plan; Plan to Fail ? Why is planning important?
    • What's wrong with the To-Do List?
    • What are the alternatives to To-Do?
  • Simple tools for planning
    • Converting To-Do list into a more strategic document
    • Using an Affinity Diagram
    • Discovering success drivers
    • Using a simple planning template
  • Vision, Mission, and Goals
    • What is your organization's Vision and its importance to you?
    • What is your organization's Mission and what is your role in fulfilling it?
    • What is your team's mission and goals?
    • What is your role in fulfilling these?
  • Developing your mission-driven tactical plan
    • Carrying out your plan and tracking your progress
    • Getting back on track quickly
    • Keeping an open dialogue with your manager on your progress
    • Asking THE strategic question before making a decision
  • Action planning for ongoing progress, improvement, and success.

Who can Benefit:

  • Executive Assistants
  • Administrative Assistants
  • New Supervisors and Managers
  • Individual Contributors
Webinar Id: ISSRS004

Duration: 60 mins

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