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Cold Calling Strategies, Tactics & Techniques

Joe Rosner is the Director of Best Defense USA, and the author of "Street Smarts & Self Defense for Children", "The Real Estate Safety Book" and "Taking Care!, Practical Personal Safety & Workplace Violence Protection for Home Health Workers", He is a highly regarded writer, speaker, and trainer on the subject of workplace violence, personal safety, self-defense for healthcare, real estate, and other occupations. Joe has trained thousands of people to be safer from workplace violence and has presented at many state, local and national healthcare conferences. Joe's credentials include multiple ........

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Building your cold calling skills will enable the you to: Gain an advantage over the competition. Find new business opportunities. Become an indispensable employee who gets new business. Compete with existing vendors for lucrative customers. Establish rewarding relationships and gain respect. Become an entrepreneur. Cold calli........

Why should you attend?

If you think nobody like to make cold calls you're wrong. And we can prove it. Suppose you knew absolutely for sure that for a specific, magical period of time, say Tuesdays from 9AM to noon, 100% of your cold calls would result in appointments or sales if you sell over the phone? Would you like cold calling then? Well what if it got you these results only 90% of the time? Or 80%, 70% , 50%? Even if it was only 20% that would still be pretty good, wouldn't it? If you only phoned 25 new prospects a day that would equal five new prospects or customers. Would you like those results? Would you make sure you always had your Tuesday mornings set aside for cold calling? The good news is that the 20% or better is achievable and it can be anytime you like. If you take the time to learn and practice proven strategies, tactics and techniques for cold calling.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Identify and find new prospects.
  • Get more voicemails returned.
  • Get past gatekeepers.
  • Build rapport with prospects faster.
  • Get more appointments.
  • Handle objections, brush offs and stalls.
  • Manage your time and attitude.

Who can Benefit:

  • Sales people and sales managers.
Webinar Id: ISSCJR001

Duration: 60 mins

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Cold Calling Strategies, Tactics & Techniqu...
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Cold Calling Strategies, Tactics & Techniqu...
Presenter: Joe Rosner

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